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Are Your Zzz’s Sending This Number OFF the Charts?!

Dear Reader,

Sometimes it feels like sleep is as elusive as a fully-stocked shelf of toilet paper at the grocery store these days.

And a GOOD night’s sleep is a long-distant memory.

With the everyday stress of living in quarantine, who can blame you for not staying on top of health-restoring sleep?

We have all heard how important sleep is for our health. But now there’s an even BIGGER reason to catch quality zzz’s.

As if feeling miserable and drained from no sleep wasn’t bad enough, researchers have just discovered that bad sleep could cause your blood pressure to SKYROCKET.

In a study from the University of Arizona, researchers gathered 300 men and women and asked them to wear a blood pressure cuff when they were awake AND when they went to bed. These special cuffs took the participants’ blood pressure every 45 minutes.

The researchers also asked the participants to wear a second device called an actigraphy monitor.

This determined how good of a night’s sleep they were actually getting. This device also monitored their movement, to see if participants were tossing and turning or staying still.

And the connection was crystal clear…

The participants who tossed and turned all night had HIGHER blood pressure than those who had restful sleep.

But not only that—the high blood pressure continued into the next day!

During the following day those restless sleepers had higher systolic blood pressure.

But don’t worry—this doesn’t have to be you.

There’s a simple, natural solution that can help.

Try a resveratrol supplement. Resveratrol helps control blood pressure by fighting back against oxidative stress, a process that blocks healthy antioxidants.

Even better, resveratrol has also been show to help sleep by strengthening your sleep-wake cycle.

Start with 1,000mg of resveratrol twice daily. You can find it easily online or at your local pharmacy.


Fighting For Your Health,


Susan White

Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health