You’re Being POISONED in the Supermarket (Here’s How)

We’ve known for years that the chemical bisphenol A – aka BPA – is toxic to our bodies.

It’s been linked to everything from diabetes to cancer.

So when you go to the supermarket, make sure all the bottles and cans you buy say “BPA Free.”

But, believe it or not, you’re being exposed to BPA on practically every single grocery run.

In fact, it’s seeping through your skin… and you won’t believe the culprit.

BPA is a known endocrine disruptor.

It messes with your hormone levels, metabolism, immune system, thyroid, and even your heart.

And yet manufacturers continue to use BPA in shockingly inconspicuous products – like receipt paper!

That’s right.

Every time you take a receipt from a cashier, you’re exposed to BPA from the ink.

A recent international study has determined that BPA is absorbed through the skin when we handle register paper.

The researchers had subjects handle store receipts for 5 minutes. For the next two hours, the participants wore gloves before washing their hands.

The results showed that BPA levels were highest within the first two minutes following exposure.

But even after a week, half of participants still had BPA in their urine. Even BPA from food and water doesn’t hang around that long.

The study determined that just 5 seconds of receipt paper exposure is long enough to transfer BPA through your skin and into your bloodstream.

And if your fingers are moist or oily, you’ll absorb up to 10 times as much BPA.

Handling a receipt may seem like the most innocuous thing in the world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Opt for an e-mailed copy of your receipt – or just have the cashier drop your receipt in the bag.

These simple steps could end up protecting your health.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health