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[Warning] Your Oncologist Isn’t Telling You THIS!

It’s time for some major changes in the cancer industry.

Their go-to treatments are TOXIC…  and INEFFECTIVE.

Yet doctors aren’t even allowed to tell you about promising natural alternatives.

But what I’m really frustrated about is that there’s something doctors COULD be telling you… but AREN’T.

In fact, most oncologists ADMIT they DON’T tell cancer patients about a key way to improve their odds of survival.

Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve learned a lot about cancer over the past few years.

The scientific community used to blame it on your genes – meaning you have no control over whether you get this disease or not.

That’s a bleak picture… but it’s also a WRONG one.

More recent research has shown us that cancers are typically caused by lifestyle and environmental factors.

That takes the blame away from your parents and grandparents… and puts your cancer future squarely in YOUR hands.

Studies also show that if you’ve already developed cancer, there are certain nutrients you can take and lifestyle changes you can make that will dramatically increase your chances of survival.

Any cancer patient I know would pay good money to have that kind of information.

But you won’t hear about it from your doctor.

A recent study published in the journal Cancer revealed that most oncologists get ZERO training in helping their patients live longer, healthier lives.

About 73% of oncologists admitted that they don’t promote any kind of lifestyle change to their patients.

What’s holding them back?

According to the oncologists themselves, it’s because they don’t want to stress or overwhelm the patients. They also admitted to simply NOT HAVING THE TIME.

In today’s conveyor belt medicine, I can’t say I’m surprised.

It’s up to you to take these extra steps.

Start with these five proven strategies for cancer survival:

  1. Supplement with vitamin D. Studies show that obtaining optimal levels can prevent cancer and increase survival.
  2. Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids. They can lower the mortality rate of breast cancer patients.
  3. Exercise. Even small amounts of light exercise (like walking) can improve survival rates.
  4. Change your diet. Organic fruits and vegetables contain compounds that prevent and fight cancer. The more you eat, the better.
  5. Lose weight. Recent studies show that up to 40% of all cancers are related to obesity.