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Wonder Vitamin REVERSES Celiac Disease

We depend on our immune systems to protect us from disease and infection 

But sometimes they just aren’t protecting us as well as we’d like them to. 

Case in point: celiac disease – aka gluten intolerance 

If you have celiac, you know how difficult it is to avoid gluten, much less eliminate it 100 percent!  

Even worse? When you’re not careful, you’ll end up bloated, fatigued, weak, and even prone to infections. 

And while mainstream medicine is no help, new research shows that a certain wonder vitamin REVERSES celiac disease. 

It’s as easy as taking one supplement twice a day… 

New research, published in the journal Allerlogia et Immunopathologia, shows that vitamin C helps REPAIR your gut health… and also IMPROVES your sensitivity to gluten.  

You see, many people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease are told to cut gluten out of their lives completely.  

But this only addresses the symptoms of the condition and NOT the cause.  

This latest study finally confirms that celiac disease is actually caused by gut health issues that result in vitamin C deficiency.  

And when you don’t have enough vitamin C, your gut allows large proteins – like gluten – to pass through tissues they generally can’t. 

In turn, your other organs are exposed to gluten and become inflamed or infected.  

But supplementing with vitamin C REBALANCES your gut health and BOOSTS your immune system.  

Plus, vitamin C also improves your digestion, and reduces your risk of infection and inflammation – two of key drivers of celiac symptoms.  

And it couldn’t be easier to get these benefits for yourself! 

Experts recommend a taking a vitamin C supplement twice daily. You can get these from your local pharmacy.  

Just be sure to touch base with your doctor before adding even trace amount of gluten back into your diet.