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Weird Plant REVIVES Brittle Bones

When you think about osteoporosis, you probably think it’s a “woman’s disease.” 

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

In fact, osteoporosis affects both men as well… especially when they are in their Golden Years.  

Sometimes it’s caused by aging… 

Sometimes it’s a side effect of a dangerous Big Pharma med… 

Sometimes it’s a symptom of something worse, like cancer 

But incredible new research shows that a certain weird plant can PROTECT your brittle bones from osteoporosis 

 And it can even help you grow new, healthy bones! 

New research, from the National University of Malaysia, reveals that the unusual longjack plant (Eurycoma longifolia) has the ability to PROMOTE bone growth and PROTECT against osteoporosis – especially for men! 

For the study, researchers compared longjack treatment with testosterone replacement, the standard treatment for men with osteoporosis. 

And the results were clear: longjack is a powerful bone health booster. 

With longjack supplementation, participants experienced: 

  • Increased bone cell growth. 
  • Boosted alkaline phosphatase activity, an enzyme crucial to bone health. 
  • Increase collagen deposits in joints.  

And that’s because longjack promotes the production and regulation of bone-protective hormones.  

You see, osteoporosis in men is most commonly caused by androgen deficiency.  

Androgens are a group of hormones, found in both men and women, which include testosterone and androstenedione. 

And these hormones are crucial to bone health and development. 

When your body isn’t producing enough androgens, however, your bone density, bone cells, bone growth, and bone expansion all suffer.  

Mainstream medicine, however, only addresses one part of this deficiency by using testosterone replacement to combat osteoporosis.  

In fact, research proves that testosterone replacement is not a useful first-line treatment against age-related androgen deficiency.  

Longjack promotes the production of all androgens which means it fights osteoporosis from every angle.  

Plus, other studies on longjack show that its testosterone-boosting properties also combat sexual performance issues 

So, if you or a loved one is suffering from androgen-deficient osteoporosis and want a libido boost, too, try longjack! 

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