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Weird Plant BEATS Antidepressants

Anti-depressants are one of Big Pharma’s most reckless scams to date.

These dangerous drugs can make you gain weight… end your sex life… and even make your depression worse. 

And to top it off, they’re incredibly hard to quit.

But you deserve a better, healthier way to treat your depression. 

Luckily, natural medicine has turned up a remarkable remedy,

And new research shows that this weird plant could give Big Pharma antidepressants a run for their money. 

What’s more?! You can easily grow it yourself.

The rat-tail radish looks as weird as it sounds. 

But it’s not attracting scientific attention because of its appearance. 

You see, researchers are interested in this odd plant because it contains power extracts – called ethanolic extracts –that can beat out one of Big Pharma’s top antidepressants

In a new study, scientists split a group of depressed mice into three groups – the first group took rat-tail radish, the second group took Prozac, and the last group took a placebo.

All groups underwent depression tests before and after the experiment. 

At the end, the researchers found that the mice in both the rat-tail radish and the Prozac group experienced the same level of depression relief.   

But with one major difference.

When consumed by humans, rat-tail radish has no health side effects. 

You can’t say that about Prozac… or any other mainstream antidepressant. 

Same depression protection with no risk? I know which one I’d choose.

Rat-tail radish works because it’s loaded with ethanolic extract and other nutrients that lower inflammation – the root cause of your depression. 

The bad news? Rat-tail radish extract is not yet available for the general public. 

You can, however, grow your own rat-tail radishes and get their incredible benefits that way.  

And remember, you should never quit Prozac or any antidepressant cold turkey. 

Talk to you doctor about how to taper off of them… and how to treat your depression naturally. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health