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Weird Fruit ENDS Constipation FAST

How often do you spend your days feeling cramped or stopped up? Wishing you could just go but not being able to?

There’s no need to be embarrassed. If you’re constipated…  you’re not alone.

And before you rush to your local pharmacy to grab some over the counter laxative that could leave you with MORE discomforts like gassiness and abdominal pain

There’s a more natural way to get some relief.

And it boils down to this WEIRD fruit that ENDS your constipation problems FAST.

A study published in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy finds that a strange-looking fruit – called pitaya – boosts gut bacteria and encourages bowel movements.

Once you’ve cut through the bright pink outer skin of pitaya (which you might know as dragon fruit) you’ll find sweet, white flesh speckled with black seeds inside.

It’s the white flesh that has a carbohydrate called oligosaccharides. These act as natural gut enhancers and laxatives.

For the study, researchers looked at six groups of mice. Three groups were given a treatment of dragon fruit oligosaccharides at 100, 500 and 100 mg/kg daily for one week. They regularly assessed the digestive tracts and the colon muscle contractions.

They found that those given 500 and 1,000 mg doses had a significant increase in bowel movement frequency compared to all other groups.

They also experienced improved colon muscle function, making it easier “to go.” .

To put it simply, if you find yourself having trouble going to the bathroom more often than not…this quirky but gut-loving fruit is the answer you’re looking for.

To give your digestive system this extra TLC, add dragon fruit to your grocery list.

For fresh dragon fruit, try a nearby gourmet grocery store, or you can order it online from Amazon’s Gourmet & Grocery.  Or you can find it frozen at your local grocery or health food store.