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stomach pain

[Warning] These Stomach Drugs Could be KILLING You

You’ve just finished a big meal… and suddenly your heartburn attacks with a vengeance.

It feels like your stomach and throat are on fire.

So you reach for one of those acid-blocking drugs like Nexium or Prilosec.

They’re harmless, right? Their commercials are on the TV around the clock.

Well, here’s something you need to hear.

These meds could be sending your risk of a deadly condition through the roof.

In fact, it’s a condition that’s already killing 15,000 Americans a year.

Diarrhea is a nuisance when you’re younger… when you’re older, it can kill you.

And new research has found that stomach meds like Nexium, Prilosc, or Prevacid could give you the most dangerous diarrhea of your life. 

These drugs are called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), and they have been linked to a whole host of deadly side effects.

A recent study from The Washington University School of Medicine found that PPIs, when taken consistently, can cause your kidneys to suddenly shut down, without any warning.

And that was just the beginning.

Now, researchers from the Mayo Clinic have confirmed that PPIs increase your risk of developing a potentially fatal Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection by a whopping 50%.

And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

C. diff is a bad bacteria that releases a toxin that attacks your intestinal lining.

The symptoms of an infection include fever, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and, you guessed it: deadly diarrhea up to 15 times a day!

And C. diff is very difficult to treat, killing more than 15,000 people a year.

Worse still? Most victims of C. diff are over the age of 65.

Not only do PPIs increase your risk of a C. diff infection, but they are even more dangerous for patients who have already had one. 

The Mayo Clinic’s research showed that, of 8,000 patients suffering from C. diff, those who took PPIs were dramatically more susceptible to repeat infections.

If you have C. diff and you’ve been lucky enough to get it under control, the last thing you want is to risk the odds of having it come back!

What’s even more shocking is that mainstream medicine refuses to see this as a problem!

No matter how many studies prove just how dangerous PPIs really are, doctors like David Bernstein, the chief of hepatology at Northwell Health in Manhasset, NY, attempt to brush them off.

In an interview, Bernstein even had the nerve to casually dismiss the issue. “We don’t see this as a problem,” he said, affirming that he will continue to recommend these meds to his patients.

That’s outrageous! And could be costing people their lives!

If you’re taking PPIs regularly, consult with your doctor about a safe way to ween off these drugs.

Instead, turn to all-natural, side-effect-free alternatives that could safely get your heartburn under control.

First, find a daily probiotic supplement to help manage your acid reflux. Some reputable brands are Align and Renew Life.

Additionally, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar once a day and a diet rich in kefir and yogurt can help curb any discomfort.