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[Warning] This Shocking ER Trend Could KILL You

Maybe you played too hard with the grandkids… or turned your ankle on the golf course… or overdid it in the garden.

Either way, you’ve ended up with a painful, annoying sprain.

No big deal, right?

Not so fast… believe it or not, that sprain could end up KILLING you.

There’s a dangerous new trend in how emergency rooms are handling sprains.

And you’ll want to take some simple steps to keep yourself or the people you love safe.

Shocking new research has revealed that more than a quarter of adults who visit the emergency room with a sprained ankle are prescribed opioids for pain management.

Yes, I’m talking about addictive, dangerous opioids like oxycodone and fentanyl that are KILLING thousands of Americans a year.

Giving these drugs for sprains is practically CRIMINAL!

The use of opioids for sprains varied from state to state — from 40 percent in Arkansas to 2.8 percent in North Dakota.

What’s the lesson here? If you get a sprain, book a plane ticket to North Dakota, I guess.

The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, analyzed 30,832 private insurance claims from 2011 to 2015.

All but one of the nine highest opioid-prescribing states are in the South or Southwest – these were North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arizona.

And once people started taking opioids, lots of them got hooked.

Patients prescribed the largest amounts were five times as likely to continue with prolonged opioid use!

That’s a major addiction risk!

The study determined that these unnecessarily extreme prescriptions are often written without the proper warnings to patients.

What’s more? Some of the doctors writing these scrips were not properly warned about the risks, themselves!

In fact, a related study from the Yale School of Medicine showed that doctors are sometimes actually unsure about when to offer opioids.


If you or a loved one are ever in need of pain management, be sure to turn down an opioid prescription – it’s just not worth the risk.

Instead, opt for long-lasting pain remedies like physical therapy and massage.

And for immediate pain relief, try supplements like turmeric or arnica. These all-natural options treat aches and pains without the risk of addiction or side effects.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health