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[Warning] “Routine” Heart Procedure Could Kill You

Just a few years into his medical career Dr. Vinay Prasad made the biggest mistake of his life.

He was on a team that gave a middle-aged woman a stent for persistent chest pain.

During the procedure, the woman suffered a stroke that left her with permanent brain damage. Eventually, she died as a result of his horrific error.

And this woman is not alone. A team of doctors is now warning that stents are much more dangerous than they’re made out to be, and often completely unnecessary.

In fact, if your doctor says you need a stent, there’s a 50% chance he’s dead wrong.

The latest study of more than 1,600 hospitals showed that roughly half of all heart stent operations were inappropriate on some level.

That statistic is outrageous! That means that if you’re told you need a stent, the chances that your doctor is right are no better than a coin flip!

There are now guidelines to determine if a stent is a reasonable operation for a stable patient.

But the problem is that lots of docs still don’t follow them.

And despite everything we’ve been told, stents simply do not prevent heart attacks or extend the lives of stable patients.

One doctor put it simply: “Nobody that’s not having a heart attack needs a stent.”

In fact, unnecessary stents will kill one in 50 of the hundreds of thousands of stable patients that receive them annually.

More than one million Americans receive stents every year. And while they prove critical in some cases, stents are also recommended as quick fixes to much larger problems.

Why, you ask?

Well, sometimes doctors aren’t up-to-date on alternative treatments, sometimes they are looking to make a buck on a simple and expensive procedure, and some patients even request stents by name. The list goes on…

But once a procedure becomes standard practice, it’s incredibly difficult for any amount of research to derail it.

That’s what has happened with heart stents. And it’s costing people their lives and some doctors, like Prasad, their sanity.

Avoiding blood clots and plaque buildup is actually rather easy.

Paired with healthy eating, natural supplements that contain fish oil, turmeric, Vitamin E, garlic, and ginger can prevent heart issues. These supplements can be found through Truth Nutra and Himalaya Heart Care.

And if a doctor ever tells you that you need a stent, if you aren’t in the middle of a heart attack ask for better options.


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