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[Warning] Popular Drugs Are Causing Dementia?!

Dementia is the disease that scares people the most as they age.

And with good reason.

You don’t want to spend your golden years slowly losing your precious memories… and your independence.

But, believe it or not, some of the most popular drugs on the planet may be sending your dementia risk through the roof.

And I can practically GUARANTEE that you have one of these drugs sitting in your medicine cabinet right now.

Anticholinergic drugs pop up in the news from time to time… and it’s never positive.

These meds are used to treat allergies, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and lots more.

And they include some of the top-selling drugs around, like Benadryl, Dramamine, Dimetapp, Unisom, Paxil, and the list goes on.

About 20% of Americans take an anticholinergic drug – and that’s a HUGE problem.

Because a recent University of Indiana study found that these meds basically eat away at your brain and put you on the fast track to dementia.

The study examined 451 patients with an average age of 73. The folks who were taking anticholinergic drugs:

  • Performed dramatically worse on memory and reasoning tests
  • Had trouble metabolizing glucose in their brains
  • Had less brain volume

These are all textbook signs of dementia.

And a 2013 study from the Indiana University Center for Aging Research showed that it only takes 60 days on an anticholinergic to start seeing signs of these cognitive issues.

Terrifying doesn’t even begin to describe it.

If you or someone you love is taking even one anticholinergic drug, contact your doctor immediately to discuss an alternate treatment plan.

If you don’t know if you’re taking an anticholinergic drug, here’s a good list that will help you.