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[Warning] NEVER Follow These Doctor’s Orders!

When you sick or hurt, you’d probably do just about anything to start feeling better.

That’s why you – like so many of us – never blink an eye when your doc suggests a risky pill… or an uncomfortable procedure.

But we all know that your mainstream doctor doesn’t always have your best interest in mind when he’s barking orders.

Now a new study proves it.

Because there’s common medical practice can put your health in jeopardy. 

And it cause SERIOUS damage in just two weeks.

A study, published in the scientific journal Spine, confirms what most people would be shocked to hear: too much bed rest can actually damage your health.

Researchers examined the effects of two weeks of bed rest on ten healthy male subjects.

Then, they used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess the size and shape of certain muscles in their lower backs.

And the results were startling:

  • Their multifidus muscles – important for stabilization – shrunk and atrophied.
  • The abdominal and trunk muscles became wider, shorter, and weaker.
  • These muscles, attached to the lumbar spine and legs, began to pull on their lower backs.

 Just two weeks of bed rest had completely thrown off spinal alignment and trigger chronic back pain in all ten patients.

You see, doctors often “prescribe” a period of restricted physical activity after significant injury, surgery, or illness.

It’s intended to give your body time to adjust and heal.

But many times it ends up causing more health problems than when you started.

Muscle weakening, in particular, is the reason why many people experience low back pain after prolonged periods of inactivity or sedentary behavior.

But weakened, atrophied muscles are just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, “bed rest” has been linked to everything from depression and anxiety to bone density loss and blood clots, as well.

If you or a loved one are ever instructed to endure a prolonged period of bed rest, it is crucial that you discuss with your doctor a safer alternative.

And you can, of course, use this knowledge in your everyday life, as well.

Be sure to get enough physical activity.

Not only does this reduce muscular issues but inactivity can prolong your back pain and weaken certain muscles