[Warning] Household Toxin Causing Cancer!

For years, the mainstream has told us that your chances of getting cancer boil down to just a few things like smoking… your diet… and your genetics.

But now we know that’s NOT TRUE.

Because new research shows that a certain household toxin can send your cancer risk into the stratosphere.

And the worst part? IT’S EVERYWHERE.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to STOP your exposure… and get this toxin OUT of your home.

Tris is a flame retardant chemical that has been linked to hormonal issues, sexual dysfunction, and even brain and liver cancers.

This carcinogen has made its way into millions of American homes because it was used in furniture, textiles, and children’s clothing for decades.

It’s so widespread that when researchers from Columbia University tested the urine of 32 women, they found traces of Tris in every single sample.

But keeping yourself safe is simple…

The study also found that routinely washing your hands and keeping a clean home can significantly lower the levels of Tris in your system.

For a week, half of the women regularly cleaned their homes while the other half implemented a consistent handwashing regimen.

After just 7 days, it was found that mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. cut Tris levels in HALF.

While the hand-washing group experienced a 31 percent decrease in Tris levels.

During the second week, all participants adopted the cleaning and handwashingroutines.

Combining both measures cut Tris levels by 62 percent!

This means washing your hands… and keeping your house clean are the best ways to SLASH your exposure to Tris.

Additionally, Tris was used extensively by furniture makers because of its flame-retardant and stain-resistant properties.

So, if you have any furniture made in 2005 or later, check the tags to see if it contains the flame-retardantchemical.

If it does, it might be time to replace it.