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FDA Releases SHOCKING Warning for Allergy Sufferers

Dear Reader,

Imagine this:

You’re at a beautiful anniversary dinner with your spouse, enjoying a delicious five-course meal, when all of a sudden… you can’t breathe.

Your skin is burning, your throat is closing up… you can’t move.

And when you reach for the one thing you know will work… it doesn’t.

I’m talking about anaphylactic shock.

And for the 3.5 million Americans who suffer from severe allergies, it’s a fear you live with every day.

Now, once again, Big Pharma has FAILED you.

Because the latest FDA warning has revealed just how far Big Pharma was willing to go to make a buck.

If you’re one of the millions Americans who carry an EpiPen, you KNOW how crucial it is for your survival.

And the relief you feel knowing it’s right there in your pocket or purse is almost worth the ever-increasing price tag.

Because when it comes to a severe allergic reaction, it only takes SECONDS to determine if you’re going to live or die.

And this is what makes Big Pharma’s latest fail even MORE outrageous.

There’s no doubt you remember when the EpiPen manufacturer Mylan increased the price of EpiPens from $100 for a 2-pack to $300

Well if you can believe it, now they’ve done something WORSE.

And it took the FDA to fix it.

In another case of Big Pharma’s COMPLETE lack of concern for your safety, the FDA has now had to issue a warning about malfunctioning EpiPens.

An investigation found that the faulty pens are either going off too early, or not going off correctly.

And this time it’s not just Mylan who’s to blame… even some generics are breaking down, all thanks to a faulty safety button.

The FDA mentioned that the construction of the EpiPens may lead to user error. If you use the EpiPen at a sideways angle, the device could release before you’ve punctured the skin.

The warning was specifically for the EpiPen 0.3 mg and 0.15 mg EpiPen, Jr. versions. You can read the warning here.

And if you’d like to contact the manufacturer directly, you can find that info here.

Though there are no replacements for this life-saving device, a promising study has just surfaced that shows that drinking green tea could help food allergy sufferers.

It contains a special compound called catechin that interacts with the good bacteria in your gut, potentially strengthening your immune system.