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[Warning] FDA Covered-Up Deadly Drug?!

If you or someone you love is dealing with the constant pain of gout, you’ll do anything for relief.

But before you reach for that next prescription pill, there’s an urgent warning you need to hear.

One of the top-selling gout drugs around has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, and even death.

The FDA has known about the risks for nearly a decade, and worked to keep us all in the dark.

Here’s what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

The gout drug Uloric was approved by the FDA in 2009.

And it was bad news from the start.

Even in its trial phase, Uloric was far riskier than any other gout med on the market.

And that’s really saying something – because just about every gout drug comes with serious (and potentially deadly) side effects.

Uloric – generic name, febuxostat – was linked from Day One to heart attacks and strokes.

And the FDA actually knew about these risks, but gave Uloric the green light anyway!

Now, it looks like people may have died as a result.

You see, when approving Uloric, the FDA required manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals to conduct follow-up safety studies.

Well, almost a decade later, those studies are finally done. And the risks are more serious than anyone could’ve imagined.

Researchers looked at more than 6,000 patients taking Uloric.

Initially, Takeda tried that age-old ruse where they compared Uloric to other dangerous gout drugs, so it wouldn’t look so bad by comparison.

But once the individual data was untangled, it became shockingly clear that Uloric is wildly dangerous.

As it turns out, Uloric caused more deadly heart problems and overall deaths than any other gout drug.

In fact, the FDA is being forced to “rush” an immediate safety announcement.

Maybe they should have banned the drug from the start instead of trying to play catch-up now.

But that’s too logical for the folks at the FDA.

If you or someone you love is suffering from gout, steer clear of these risky drugs like Uloric – especially since there are a number of all-natural options that have been proven to work wonders for this painful condition.

Instead of prescription drugs, try these options:

  • Apple cider vinegar – just a tablespoon or two with a glass of water a day can lower uric acid buildup which causes gout.
  • Cherry juice – alleviate gout symptoms with a cup of tart cherry juice twice a day or by taking a cheery extract supplement.
  • Vitamin C – reduce uric acid buildup with just 1,500 mg a day.