[Warning] Deadly Infection Escapes U.S. Hospitals

Dear Reader,

The last place you’d expect to get sick is in a hospital.

But it’s happening to thousands of people just like you every single year.

They’re contracting deadly infections like MRSA in the hospital… infections that practically no antibiotic can kill.

Many of these folks never leave the hospital alive.

Even worse? New research shows that MRSA bacteria have now “escaped” hospitals, and you can pick up a fatal infection just about anywhere.

Here’s exactly what you need to do to stay safe… it could be a matter of life and death.

Believe it or not, doctors discovered the first case of antibiotic-resistant MRSA in 1961.

It was a novelty at the time. It’s an epidemic now.

Antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections are killing 20,000 Americans a year – many of them seniors.

Typically, you’d find this bacteria around surgical wounds and on invasive devices like catheters and feeding tubes.

That’s why MRSA infections were always seen as a “hospital disease.”

But MRSA spreads incredibly easily – you can get it by simply touching another person or by touching objects that have the bacteria on them. And research shows that MRSA is now running rampant in lots of places other than hospitals.

A new study just looked at 173 different MRSA outbreaks.

Only 118 of the outbreaks – or about two-thirds – were confined to hospitals.

People are regularly catching MRSA out in public, in places like the gym or the nail salon.

An Arkansas woman spent four days in the hospital just last year after she caught MRSA while getting a pedicure.

So how can you stay safe from a MRSA infection?

First, try to avoid places like salons or gyms if you’re concerned about the level of cleanliness.

Avoid sharing any personal items – towels, soap, razors, etc. – with other people. Practice regular hand washing and overall good hygiene.

And always keep wounds clean and covered until completely healed.

And, of course, insist upon a MRSA screening before entering and leaving a hospital.

If you or someone you love is experiencing the symptoms of MRSA – redness, inflammation, and itchy skin or pus and irritation around a wound – contact your doctor immediately.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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