[Warning] Cancer Treatments Are KILLING Patients

The moment you’re diagnosed with cancer, mainstream docs can’t wait to sign you up for radiation or a chemo drip.

They’ll even tell you that these brutal treatments are saving your life.

But what if that’s not exactly true?

A shocking new study proves that chemotherapy and radiation may be killing countless cancer patients, too.

And they don’t even know it’s happening…

Imagine surviving cancer… but then learning that your chemo or radiation stole YEARS off your life.

That’s exactly what’s happening to cancer patients right now, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.

And NONE of them are being warned about it.

As it turns out, aggressive cancer treatments like chemo and radiation are causing survivors to age – and die – more rapidly.

That’s because these poisonous treatments cause accelerated aging on both a cellular and genetic level.

In fact, they prompt your DNA to actually unravel and your cells to die off much faster than normal.

That’s why cancer treatment survivors suffer high rates of heart issues, hormonal disorders, lung scarring, brittle bones, and more.

Chemo and radiation literally rush you towards death!

You see, chemo and radiation are incredibly toxic.

And while these treatments might kill your cancer cells, they’re also doing massive damage to the rest of your body.

And the risk is incredibly high even for younger cancer patients.

The Mayo Clinic study found that those who survive childhood cancers have a 30 percent lower life expectancy than the general population. And they’re up to 6 times more likely to face another cancer diagnosis later in life.

If you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, always get multiple opinions on your best options.

Treatments like intravenous vitamin C are non-toxic, and insulin potentiation therapy offers a much lower dose of chemo.

Your doctor may not be familiar with these treatments, which is why getting several opinions if crucial.