[Warning] Big Pharma is Brainwashing Our Docs

You know how I feel about cholesterol-lowering statins by now.


They’ve been linked to crippling muscle pain… diabetes… and cataracts.

Oh, and they don’t do a thing to extend your life.

So, why on Earth are doctors still prescribing these drugs at a record rate?

The answer is simple and disturbing: Big Pharma.

Drug companies have literally taken over medical education in America.

And it could be costing you your health.

Every year Big Pharma tightens its grip on the mainstream medical industry.

Now, it’s almost impossible to practice medicine without being brainwashed by Big Pharma.

Just take a look at the most recent cholesterol “education program.”

These programs are a part of “Continuing Medical Education” that doctors need in order to maintain their medical licenses.

But this cholesterol education program was actually written with a grant from Merck, one of the largest drug companies on a planet. Two if its former employees even worked on it.

That’s right… our doctors are literally being FORCED to receive training provided by Big Pharma in order to keep their licenses.

And, of course, I’ll give you one guess what’s in this cholesterol education program.

It pushes statin drugs… encourages doctors to keep you “motivated” (in other words, to keep taking your drugs)… and it even promotes a “combination” pill that doses you with additional meds.

If your doc isn’t looking closely, he could easily fall prey to this bad info just to get continuing education hours.

And that’s how Big Pharma tightens their grip on our doctors and our lives.

If you or a loved one are suffering from high cholesterol or have been told you need statins, don’t let Big Pharma get the best of you.

First of all, cholesterol isn’t nearly as dangerous as it’s made out to be… in fact, our bodies need it.

But if you really do need to lower your cholesterol a bit, try a natural supplement like red yeast rice.

It delivers results, without all the risks.


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