[Warning] Alzheimer’s Drugs Can KILL?!

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia are a living nightmare.

You lose your reality… your family… and even your own identity.

So, it’s only natural that you’d want to take whatever drugs might let you hold on a little longer.

But these meds are just as dangerous as the disease itself.

As it turns out, antipsychotics raise your risk of death by 60 percent!

If you’re hoping to save yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary suffering, these drugs are not the answer.

Here’s what you need to know…

New research from the University of Eastern Finland has revealed shocking death rates related to antipsychotic drugs prescribed for Alzheimer’s (AD), dementia, and other neurological issues.

In fact, the risk is as high as 60 percent!

The study looked at 57,755 patients who had been diagnosed with AD between 2005 and 2011.

Of this enormous test group, 27 percent opted for at least one type of antipsychotic treatment during the study period.

That’s nearly 16,000 patients, 60 percent of whom died prematurely due to the adverse effects of those antipsychotics.

And that risk nearly doubles if you’re taking more than one antipsychotic.

You see, these drugs are like trying to kill a fly with a firebomb.

The chemicals in antipsychotics are extremely risky and there’s no knowing exactly how they will affect patients on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes they even worsen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

And the side effects are incredibly common and dangerous.

They’ve been linked to movement disorders, heart problems, and even strokes.

The Finnish study found that the two most common drugs – haloperidol and risperidone – are especially hazardous, in particular.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an Alzheimer’s, dementia, or neurological disorder, it is crucial that you always discuss alternative treatments with your doctor.

Antipsychotics should only be prescribed to reduce extremely violent, agitated, or distressed behaviors.

Otherwise, there are safe, natural alternative treatments that can reduce symptoms and even buy you more time with your family and friends in the sanctity of your own mind.

Supplements like Huperzine A (made from a Chinese moss) have been proven effective at alleviating Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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