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Vision Problems? Try These 5 Cures

Your eyesight is one of those things that you can easily take for granted… until you start to lose it.

But the older you get, the higher your chances are… not just of needing glasses… but also is developing a condition that could leave you blind.

That’s the case for the millions of seniors suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The bad news is that mainstream medicine has NO CURE for AMD.

The good news?

There are a handful of powerful nutrients that have been proven to IMPROVE VISION in people with this sight-robbing disease.

Age-related macular degeneration occurs when your macula is destroyed. This process causes the loss of fine details and your central vision, which you need to read, drive, or even recognize the people you love.

It’s like looking at the world through a glass that’s been smudged.

Mainstream treatments only slow the progression of the disease… but nature can do better… with nutrients that can actually IMPROVE your vision.

Carotenoids are what give the yellow and orange color to foods like carrots, corn, and egg yolk. And they are miracle workers when it comes to your vision.

The two most powerful carotenoids –– lutein and zeaxanthin –– help protect your eyes by scavenging free radicals (which damage your retinal cells) and absorbing damaging blue light.

People with the highest levels of lutein and zeaxanthin have a lower risk of AMD. Studies also show that supplementing with lutein and zeaxanthin improves retinal function, improves visual acuity, and sharpens your ability to see colors and shapes.

Another colorful carotenoid that offers tremendous eye protection is called astaxanthin. (This one is responsible for the pinkish color of salmon and flamingos.)

Like lutein and zeaxanthin, astaxanthin protects retinal cells from oxidative damage and blue and ultraviolet light.

Even better?  Astaxanthin can prevent vision loss in people with even the most severe form of AMD (called “wet” macular degeneration).

The yellow spice saffron can improve the light-sensing abilities of retinal cells. It has been shown to improve visual function—by two whole lines on an eye chart—in people with mild to moderate AMD

Alpha-carotene (the orange color in pumpkins, squash, and tangerines) is yet another carotenoid that protects your retina from light damage.

One study showed that people with the highest intake of alpha-carotene had a 32% reduced risk of developing AMD. It also reduces the risk of AMD in smokers—a group twice as likely to develop the condition.

All of these nutrients are available in supplement form. I also recommend getting more of them in your diet by making sure you’re loading up on the colorful foods mentioned throughout this article.