Vaccine for Seniors Linked to Deaths

Dear Reader,

It’s a wonder they don’t send a dose of the shingles vaccine with your AARP card!

That’s how desperate Big Pharma is to get every senior to roll up their sleeves for a shot.

They even have NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw on TV hawking the stuff! (When did we start taking medical advice from football stars, anyway).

Now, a major lawsuit is claiming that the shingles vaccine can steal your eyesight, damage your brain… and even kill you.

It’s an urgent warning every senior needs to hear… before it’s too late.

Several patients recently filed lawsuits against Merck, claiming its shingles vaccine, Zostavax, caused traumatic side effects… and even deaths.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg – attorneys say many more cases are in the works.

Zostavax is the main vaccine against shingles, which is caused by the chicken pox virus, and it’s made a fortune for Merck.

But, like with any other vaccine, once we start injecting foreign chemicals into our bodies and sending our immune systems into overdrive, anything can happen.

Of course, the FDA wants us to believe that vaccines like Zostavax are perfectly safe.

Yeah, not so fast…

Marc Bern, the Philadelphia attorney representing many of the Zostavax victims, says he has literally thousands of complaints waiting to be filed.

Just some of the side effects he’s seen include:

  • Getting shingles from the vaccine (now there’s a painful irony);
  • Blindness in one eye;
  • Paralysis in extremities;
  • Brain damage; and even
  • Death.

Nothing to do now except for the FDA to pull the stuff off the market and for Merck to offer a swift and heartfelt apology, right?

Don’t bet on it.

Merck isn’t backing down. And the company is continuing to claim that Zostavax not only works but that it’s perfectly safe.

Of course, they have Zostavax licensed in 50 countries all over the world, so I don’t know what else we’d expect them to say.

Merck has given out more than 36 million doses of Zostavax since its FDA approval in 2006… and who knows how many people may have been harmed during that time?

Vaccination should always be a choice, and you should never rush into it without the facts.

And, remember, you have alternatives. Supplements like L-lysine and vitamin C have been shown to help stop the virus that causes shingles from replicating.

Terry Bradshaw may not be doing commercials for them… but maybe that’s a good thing.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health