Vaccine FRAUD Is Killing Our Kids

Dear Reader,

It’s a massive fraud that’s made Big Pharma BILLIONS… and may have killed children in the process.

If you have a teenaged child or grandchild, you’ve probably heard plenty about the so-called human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines.

They’re supposed to help stop cervical cancer, even though they’ve been linked to horrifying side effects – and even deaths.

Now, a new study PROVES that major drug companies committed scientific fraud to get these vaccines to market… and to hide just how dangerous they are.

Kids in every corner of the world… especially young girls… have ended up paralyzed or dead after receiving HPV vaccines like Gardasil, Gardasil 9, and Cervarix.

So why on Earth didn’t we learn how dangerous these vaccines were during clinical trials?

Well, you’re going to want to be sitting down for this…

Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Cardiology claim that drug makers intentionally spiked placebos with aluminum to hide the vaccines’ risks.

You see, we learn how dangerous a vaccine is based on how many side effects or deaths it causes compared to a placebo (something that’s supposed to have no effect, like a sugar pill).

But if you poison the placebo with a known neurotoxin like aluminum, it’ll make people sick, too – and the vaccine won’t look so bad by comparison.

And that’s EXACTLY what happened here…

For their research, the Mexican team analyzed 28 studies on the three HPV vaccines currently on the market.

For 12 of these studies… nearly HALF… the placebo was poisoned with aluminum.

There’s no doubt about it. HPV vaccines were approved by the FDA based on lies and sleight of hand.

I mean, it doesn’t take a genius – or even a scientist – to realize that using tainted placebos will distort the comparison between a vaccine and the “control group”.

It’s reckless. It’s greedy. It’s insane.

And it’s not to first – or last – time Big Pharma will pull one over on the FDA or the American people.

Vaccination is a deeply personal choice. But I’d never let any child I love within 100 feet of an HPV vaccine.

Everything we know about these shots is bad… and the news just keeps getting worse.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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