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[Urgent] New Aspirin Risk for Seniors

For years, the mainstream has been telling us the same old lies about aspirin therapy. 

They’ll say that it’s safe… that it’s effective… and they’ll even say that it can help you live longer.

But we all know its total BULL.

Taking daily aspirin is does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for your heart…. and it’s been linked to bleeding and ulcers.

And now a new study brings results that should end the aspirin-a-day debate once and for all.

In fact, this research proves that aspirin is incredibly DANGEROUS… especially for seniors. 

After years of disappointing research, Bayer – one of Big Pharma’s key players – has made a last ditch effort to prove that aspirin is a safe and powerful heart med.

But the results did not go in their favor.

The trial included more than 12,000 adults with one or more risk factors for a cardiac event. 

For over a decade, half of the participants were given a daily dose of 100 mg of aspirin and half were given a placebo.

At the end of the trial, scientists found that folks who took a daily aspirin were more likely to die! 

Plus, there was ZERO difference in the number of heart attacks, angina, or stroke, either. 

But there were plenty of side effects. The aspirin group experienced TWICE the number of stomach bleeds!

Even worse? More research showed that healthy seniors taking aspirin are more likely to die sooner and mostly from cancer!

When you design and pay for your own study and still can’t find any benefits, it’s time to throw in the towel. 

But aspirin is Bayer’s cash cow, so there’s no way they are giving up.

It’s time you gave up this poison. 

Instead of wasting your money and effort taking aspirin every day, try the antioxidant CoQ10 and a willow bark supplement. 

CoQ10 has been proven to help heart muscle cells generate more energy and use oxygen more efficiently.

And aspirin is actually the synthetic version of the anti-inflammatory agent salicylic acid found naturally in willow bark. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health