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Underground Nutrient STOPS Dementia Cold

Dementia has become an absolute EPIDEMIC in America. 

Need proof?

A new person is diagnosed with dementia every 69 seconds. 

These are people we know… husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and friends. 

Even worse? 

Dementia patients are told that modern medicine can’t do anything. They just have to sit back and wait while this terrible disease steals their memories… their personalities… and even their independence

Well, no more. 

Because scientists have discovered a remarkable nutrient that can PREVENT and even REVERSE dementia.

So why aren’t patients being told about it? 

Pyrroloquinoline quinone – a.k.a. PQQ– is a vitamin-like nutrient that attacks brain problems at the source.  

Your brain cells (and all cells, for that matter) have little energy centers called mitochondria. 

But those mitochondria can begin to fail as you get older… and that makes you a sitting duck for degenerative diseases like dementia. 

Research shows that people over 70 have an average of 50 percent more mitochondrial damage than those in middle age. 

But PQQ can help regenerate mitochondria and make the mitochondria you have work better.

What’s more? PQQ helps suppress the production of toxic brain proteins – called beta amyloid plaques – that are a root cause of dementia. 

In cell studies, researchers noted that PQQ decreased oxidative damage, prevented brain cell death, and even revived dying cells. 

Of course, most dementia patients and their caregivers are never told about PQQ – because it’s a natural product and Big Pharma can’t make money off of it. 

But if you or a loved one is suffering from a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis, try adding PQQ to your daily routine. 

While PQQ is found in low levels in all plant foods – potatoes, parsley, papaya, and green tea, in particular – these sources aren’t rich enough to undo years of damage. 

The real benefit is found in supplement form. 

You can find PQQ supplements at your local health food store or online from many reputable sources like Piping Rock and Jarrow Formulas

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health