Unbelievable! Guess Who’s POISONING Your Home

Dear Reader,

It’s something we’ve all heard a thousand times – the easiest way to stay healthy is to wash your hands.

But some of the most popular antibacterial soaps around are loaded with a poison that can wreck your thyroid… and even give you cancer.

The stuff is so dangerous that the FDA even tried to ban it last year… but manufacturers have just found a MAJOR loophole.

This toxin has just been discovered in dozens of items sitting in your home right now.

And you’ll want to know how to protect yourself… before it’s too late.

It takes a lot to wake up the nitwits at the FDA.

But last year, they finally got the message about triclosan.

The FDA banned this toxic chemical in products like antibacterial soaps, saying it was potentially unsafe.

Sure… the way juggling chainsaws in the dark is “potentially unsafe.”

Triclosan damages your thyroid… causes antibiotic resistance that leads to “superbug” infections… and increases your risk for CANCER!

Good thing Uncle Sam finally got this stuff out of our lives, right? Yeah, not exactly.

A new report from the Environmental Working Group has just found DOZENS of household items that are still loaded with triclosan… including cosmetics, toothpaste, clothing, cutting boards, utensils, blankets, and even toys.

Turns out NONE of us are safe from this poison.

So, how is this happening?

Well, the FDA can crow all it wants about its triclosan ban… but it can only enforce the ban on products it regulates.

That means manufacturers can continue using this junk in dozens of items – even though they KNOW it’s killing you!

How’s that for sickening greed?

EWG is calling upon the FDA and the EPA to work together to ban triclosan in all the industries they oversee.

The two agencies cooperating would do a lot to get it out of the market… but don’t hold your breath.

To protect yourself and the ones you love, your best bet is check the labels of products at home.

If you need help determining whether or not an item contains triclosan, consult this helpful list from EWG.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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