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“Kentucky Derby Trick” Leads to Longer, HAPPIER Golden Years?!

Dear Reader, 

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good glass of bourbon. 

Whether it’s a refreshing old-fashioned that’s mixed just right, or a hot toddy on a chilly autumn evening, bourbon has been warming hearts and souls for centuries. 

And even though the Kentucky Derby was canceled this year, there’s still a reason to raise a mint julep… because a secret ingredient in bourbon could have you saying “cheers” to even BETTER golden years! 

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists have discovered that this KEY ingredient could STRENGTHEN memory, REDUCE pain from overworked joints, IMPROVE sleep, and even ENHANCE sex! 

Now before you “roll out the barrel,” let’s take a look at what this magic ingredient is. 

I’ll give you a clue: it’s the same thing that makes your favorite Kentucky bourbon so delicious. 


Or more precisely, a special chemical IN the oak. 

You see, as bourbon is aged in oak barrels, it picks up little chemicals called roburins. 

And it turns out, roburins could be the secret to making you feel young again! 


Instead of feeling tired just walking to get the mail, you could be LOOPING the block yet again on your new daily stroll… 

Or instead of nodding off in the middle of your favorite TV show, you and your wife enjoy an after-dinner DANCE like you’re teenagers again! 

Here’s how it works…   

Roburins do something very specific in your body: they keep your mitochondria healthy. 

Now, you might have heard of mitochondria before. They’re the “powerhouses” inside each of your cells… and they’re CRUCIAL for good health.  

 Here’s where they come in 

Roburins WAKE UP your body by triggering it to make a protein that keeps your cells young. 

And once your mitochondria are FIRING on all cylinders, you’re feeling your best… and feeling younger. 

It’s backed by science! 

In one study, researchers gave volunteers a pill containing roburins, and saw STUNNING results: 

  • Short-term memory IMPROVED by almost 30% 
  • Sleep was 44% MORE refreshing 
  • Joint aches and pains were ALSO reduced by half… 
  • Muscle aches and pains even REDUCED by 63% 
  • And even their moods improved! 

So how can you get these IMPRESSIVE results for yourself? 

It’s called Mitogen 

And it’s a brand new formula from my respected colleague Dr. Allan Spreen of North Star Nutritionals.  

It contains just the right amount of Robuvit to help turn back the clock in your mitochondria… PLUS more age-defying ingredients to put the PEP back in your step! 

So if you find yourself dozing off in your recliner more than usual…  

Or CHUGGING an afternoon cup of coffee or two…  

It’s time to GIVE your mitochondria what they need and UNCOVER a younger, BETTER version of yourself. 

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