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“Trash Secret” Gives You Bones of STEEL

When it comes to bone health, the mainstream has lousy advice.  

They’ll tell you to do impossible workouts or take some risky drug that can actually rot your bones.  

But you deserve a better way to keep your bones strong.  

Now, it doesn’t have to be.  

Because researchers have discovered an all-natural, cheap way to RESTORE your bones… and help you grow new ones.  

And there’s a good chance it’s in your kitchen trash right now.  

It’s something you don’t think twice about.  

When you’re fixing your morning eggs, you crack the eggshell open, empty the contents into a bowl, and toss the shell in the trash. 

Not so fast! 

That eggshell could hold the key to repairing damaged bones. 

Eggshells are made up of a critical material for bone health: calcium carbonate. 

Some people have been known to crush the eggshells into a fine powder and consume it as a dietary supplement. I don’t recommend that because of the potential of contamination with a bacterium that can cause Salmonella infections. 

But researchers have found a way to safely and effectively tap into the bone health potential of these discarded scraps. 

Using an innovative process, they created a safe-to-take supplement of crushed eggshells 

In laboratory and in vivo experiments, the researchers found that adding this mixture to bone cells caused the bone to develop into bone tissue and harden faster. 

This speeds up the formation of new bone, while also speeding the healing process during something like a bone graft. 

Based on how the eggshell influenced the bone cells, the researchers are confident that the results would be the same when used in humans to treat bone damage, and are planning to test it in humans in the future. 

They are also excited about the potential of applying the same process for regenerating other types of tissue, like cartilage, teeth, and tendons. 

I’m encouraged that researchers actually looking into medical solutions that are beneficial for your health and the environment. 

With eggshell waste adding up to millions of tons annually, harnessing them for their medicinal benefits represents a safe, inexpensive, innovative solution where everybody wins (except Big Pharma)!