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java plum

Tiny Fruit FIGHTS Diabetes

Treating your diabetes can feel like a life sentence. 

You can’t eat your favorite foods… you’re forced to constantly prick your finger… and you even have to plan your day around taking pills. 

And the worst part? Those mainstream meds could be setting you up for serious, life-changing side effects like kidney damage and amputations.

You deserve a better way to control you diabetes. 

Now, it’s here. 

New research shows a powerful little fruit can improve your blood sugar levels… and also fights diabetes at its SOURCE. 

All without the horrific side effects of conventional drugs.

It’s called the java plum.

Studies have shown that this unusual fruit can help you fight diabetes… and now scientists know how.

In an incredible new study, published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, researchers treated diabetic rats with java plum extract.

Throughout the 14-day treatment period, the rats were examined in order to evaluate the java plum’s antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory effects.

And the results were astounding!

The java plum extract significantly REDUCED blood sugar levelsand IMPROVED insulin production. 

And the best part? It did this by repairing and regenerating your beta cells.

You see, beta cells are particularly important because they make insulin. When they die off or become damaged, you end up with diabetes. 

But if they stay healthy – like they do when you’re taking java plum extract – you can nip diabetes in the bud. 

Java plum also helps lower the type of inflammation that causes beta cell damage. 

And it does all of this without the dangerous side effects of drugs. 

Try java plum for yourself today!

You can find java plum extract and supplements at your local health food store or online from TerraVista or Organic Grocery.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health