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Tiny Fruit BEATS BACK Heart Disease

Dear Reader,

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide.

Chances are, you or a loved one suffer from this potentially fatal disease.

The hard part is, it’s not always easy to get under control.

But instead of loading up on a bunch of DANGEROUS drugs that your doc will likely prescribe…

There’s an all-natural approach that can BEAT BACK heart disease.

And it’s all thanks to this tiny fruit.

A study published in the journal Atherosclerosis used mice that were prone to developing coronary artery blockages. This is when cholesterol and fatty deposits build up on the inner walls of your arteries and clog them.

After giving them pomegranate extract for two weeks they found that the extract acted as a natural cleanser, REMOVING the plaque that was stuck to their arteries.

This prevented atherosclerosis, which is the PRIMARY cause of heart attacks.

The pomegranate extract decreased the percentage of blocked arteries…and it also STOPPED plaques from forming.

When it comes to heart disease, pomegranates help put an end to this leading killer.

The best part? Researchers have found that consuming pomegranate seeds or the juice has the SAME power-washing effect!

So it really is as simple as making a trip to your grocery store.

Enjoy a glass of pomegranate juice, or make a fruit salad with pomegranate seeds. You can also use it as a salad topping for a little extra crunch.