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Tasty Food KILLS Cancer

If I had to guess, I’d bet that you know someone who’s dealt with cancer.

I’d also bet that you’d do just about anything to keep yourself or your loved ones from EVER facing this life shattering disease.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are easy, actionable steps you can take starting TODAY to slash your chances of ever hearing your doc drop the “cancer” diagnosis bomb.

And it all boils down to what you eat.

Because there’s one type of tasty food in particular that will put a major dent in your cancer risk.

Find out if it’s already on your plate…

A seven-year study was conducted in Japan, where researchers studied more than 43,000 between the ages of 40 and 79.

They found that folks who ate less fiber had HIGHER cancer rates… and the more fiber they got from beans, the lower the risk of cancer, especially colon cancer.

Greek researchers tested extracts from 11 different beans and found that ALL of them neutralized free radicals and protected DNA from oxidative damage – two of the top causes of cancer.

Beans also contain phytochemicals which naturally fight cancer and free radicals, keeping your tissues and cells from damage.

Other research shows that the fiber in beans like garbanzos, actually KEEP your body from absorbing carcinogens.

By putting up this roadblock, less damage is done to your cells and organs which, in the long run, means a LOWER chance of getting cancer.

Another study involving 90,000 nurses, those who ate beans or lentils at least twice a week were less likely to develop breast cancer.

Last but not least, research in three separate studies shows that men who eat lots of beans DROP their prostate cancer risk between 29 and 38%.

All beans fall into this anti-cancer category. Beans like kidney, navy, pinto, garbanzo, lima, white, baked, and black, all SLASH your cancer risk.

If beans don’t usually make an appearance on your plate, it might be time to consider including them in some of your meals.

They are a great side dish to an entree, salad toppers and can even be used in many soup and stew recipes.