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The Surefire Way to NEVER Get Cancer

One million, seven hundred and sixty-two thousand, four hundred and fifty. 

That’s the number of new cancer cases projected to occur this year in the U.S. 

And 606,880 is the number of cancer deaths. 

The extra sad part about this is that younger and younger people are getting hit with cancer. 

Fortunately, there’s a surefire way for younger –– and older –– people to avoid cancer.   

There’s a lot we know about being overweight. Like the fact that it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and more. 

What most people DON’T know is that obesity dramatically increases your risk of developing cancer. 

In fact, obesity accounts for 40% of all cancers.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 13 cancers specifically tied to obesity. They include… 

  • postmenopausal breast cancer 
  • gallbladder cancer 
  • stomach cancer 
  • liver cancer 
  • pancreatic cancer 
  • kidney cancer 
  • ovarian cancer 
  • uterine cancer 
  • colon cancer 
  • rectum cancer 
  • meningioma  
  • multiple myeloma 
  • adenocarcinoma of the esophagus 

This is critical information when it comes to beating this war on cancer—and dramatically lowing your own risk of cancer—because maintaining a healthy weight is completely within your control. 

The problem here—and it’s a BIG one—is that obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. And it’s becoming an especially big problem in younger and younger people. 

As of 2016, 650 million people over 18 were obeseand 340 million children and adolescents – kids the same age as your grandbabies – were overweight or obese.  

Now those weight statistics are starting to show up in cancer statistics as well. 

A recent study published in JAMA Open Network found that obesity-related cancers are starting to affect more young people than older individuals. 

Even worse, when cancer is diagnosed in younger people, it tends to be found at later stages, which makes it more likely to contribute to a poor prognosis and early death. 

It’s tragic. 

And it’s even more tragic because it is preventable. 

If you’ve found yourself battling the bulge, don’t wait until the New Year rolls around to make a resolution to lose weight. 

Resolve to yourself today that you’re going to lose the weight and do everything in your power to live a long, healthy life for you… and for your family.