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Super Vitamin

"Super Vitamin" Stops Leukemia DEAD IN ITS TRACKS

“Cancer” may be the scariest word in the English language… and it’s one that nobody ever wants to hear.

But there’s one type of cancer that should frighten us the most – leukemia.

It’s the most common cancer around, and the risk only gets worse as we age.

But researchers say they’ve now discovered a “super vitamin” that can stop leukemia dead in its tracks.

The only catch? You’ll never get enough from your trusty multi-vitamin.

Here’s what you need to know.

Years of research have proven that high-dose vitamin C can oxidize and kill cancer cells.

Even the federal government has started to study it.

But it turns out that getting enough vitamin C can keep you from ever getting leukemia in the first place… and it may reverse the disease if you already have it.

A team from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center recently conducted a study that found that vitamin C helped slow the development of leukemia by re-activating an enzyme that stops leukemia cells dead in their tracks.

Vitamin C is crucial to the health of TET2 enzymes, which help maintain your stem cells.

Without proper levels of TET2, cells become unstable and start dividing rapidly — and leukemia can develop.

However, optimal levels of vitamin C can re-activate the gene that produces TET2.

That can slow… or even STOP… the development of leukemia.

The researchers also noted that getting enough vitamin C is especially vital for older patients who may already have weaker TET2 enzymes.

The good news? A related study, published in the journal Cell, found that after just 6 months of a daily high-dose of vitamin C, TET2 levels were restored.

This not only stopped leukemia cells from reproducing, but outright killed them!

The dosage – 300,000 mg a day – is impossible to obtain by simply eating more oranges or taking some vitamin C supplements.

Instead, you’ll need to locate an integrative cancer clinic that offers high-dose intravenous therapies.

Mainstream medicine may continue to ignore vitamin C therapy but, thankfully, this treatment is available and highly cost-effective, nonetheless.

And unlike toxic chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs, vitamin C leaves healthy cells unharmed and has virtually zero side effects.

If you or someone you love is suffering from leukemia, check out the website for the American College for Advancement in medicine at

Go to the “search” tab to find an alternative medicine practitioner near you… after a few calls, you should be able to track down someone who offers high-dose vitamin C.