Stay FAR Away From This New Arthritis Drug

The stooges at the Food and Drug Administration are at it again!

I’ve told you before how the FDA is FLOODING the market with dangerous drugs that could put you and your loved ones at risk.

But now they’ve REALLY gone too far.

The FDA has just approved a new rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug that doesn’t work well… and could leave you in the WORST health of your life.

It’s going to be coming to your local doctor’s office and pharmacy VERY soon.

Here’s EXACTLY what you need to do to stay safe.

The FDA recently voted to approve baricitinib, a new RA drug from Incyte and Eli Lilly.

But this medication came with so many red flags that the drug makers should have waved a white flag and surrendered.

I mean, where do I start?

First off, the FDA would only approve the 2 mg version of baricitinib, citing safety concerns with the 4 mg dose.

But even 2mg of baricitinib isn’t safe, to say the least.

First off, the drug will have to carry a boxed warning about risks for serious infections, malignancies (as in cancers), and serious heart problems.

Trading rheumatoid arthritis for cancer? No thanks!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

More than 10 percent of patients given this new drug have turned up with upper respiratory tract infections, high blood cholesterol levels, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, and more.

So what exactly are you getting for all this risk? Not much.

In 2017, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care in Germany (IQWiG) conducted research on the effects of baricitinib for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

And they found that baricitinib wasn’t any better than existing medications on the market.

However, baricitinib resulted in far more side effects.

If you or a loved one is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, baricitinib is not the answer.

In fact, there are plenty of natural remedies that could give you lasting (and safe) relief.

Lab-grade turmeric boasts incredible anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its high levels of the compound curcumin.

And the herb boswellia serrata offers additional anti-inflammatory agents.

When taken together, turmeric and boswellia serrata give RA symptoms the old one-two punch – all without the dangerous Big Pharma side effects!

Both supplements can be found at your local health food store or online from The Green Pharmacy and Puritan’s Pride

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health