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Snack Food STOPS Colon Cancer?!

If you’ve survived a bout with colon cancer, you NEVER want it to come back.

You go to screening after screening, just praying that this deadly cancer hasn’t returned.

But it turns out there’s an easy way to prevent a recurrence of colon cancer.

A tasty snack good has been proven to SLASH your risk of developing new colon tumors — and it increases your chances of surviving colon cancer by a whopping 60%.

The best part?

You probably have it in your pantry right now.

Researchers at Yale University have just released a new study that PROVES nuts can help stop colon cancer cold.

The study followed more than 800 colon cancer patients who had already received surgery and chemotherapy.

At the conclusion of the study, the Yale team came to a remarkable conclusion:

Patients who ate at least 2 ounces of nuts per week were 42 percent more likely to avoid a cancer relapse than those who did not eat nuts.

Even better? Eating nuts improved survival among colon cancer patients by 60 percent.

And this isn’t the first round of research to turn up incredible results on how a variety of nuts can protect you from colon cancer.

Previous research from a team in Korea showed that nuts not only prevent colon cancer from coming back but from ever taking hold, in the first place.

That’s because nuts are loaded with healthy fats and slash inflammation, which is a key contributor to cancer.

So, what kinds of nuts should you be eating?

As it turns out, a wide variety of tree nuts have been linked to these anti-cancer benefits – almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, and even peanuts.

Just make sure to be eating at least 2 ounces per week.

For reference, that’s only 48 almonds, 36 cashews, or 24 hazelnuts. And the more you eat, the greater the benefit!

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health