flu season

SLASH Your Flu Risk in HALF (No Shots!)

Flu season is at its peak this month.

And if you’re over 65, you probably already know you’re at high risk of catching – and dying from – the flu.

But the mainstream won’t help you.

They’ll just offer you a USELESS flu shot that can make you sicker.

Luckily, there’s a better way to sidestep the flu.

Becauserecent research has found that a powerful supplement does more to fight the flu than anything Big Pharma will throw at you.

In fact, it can SLASH your flu risk in HALF!

When you’re young and healthy, you have special proteins – called antibodies – in your nose, mouth, andlungs that help to deactivate viruses and bacteria.

These antibodies are called immunoglobulin A or IgA.

As you get older, your IgA levels decline and so does your immune function. And this makes you a sitting duck for deadly infections like the flu and pneumonia.

Fortunately,new research shows that probiotics can help boost your IgA… and fight off deadly infections like the flu.

In the latest clinical trial, 250 participants were given either a combination of probiotic strains or a placebo.

Atthe end, the researcher found that folks who DIDN”T take probiotics were FOUR times more likely to develop the flu!

Even better? Other studies have found that taking probiotics:

  • Slashes your risk of catching the flu by 48%
  • Reduces your number of days with flu symptoms by 55%
  • And boosts the IgA of seniors by 45%!

All without taking a single shot!

Probiotics are a safe, effective way to boost your immune system and protect yourself from the flu and common colds, year round.

You can pick probiotics up at your local pharmacy.

Or you can try one of these options from SuperSmart and Garden of Life.