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6 Minute Secret FORCES Your Body to Sleep?!

If you’re like most seniors, you’ve probably had your share of restless nights.

Or worse, maybe you can fall asleep… but wake up in the wee hours… only to toss and turn until sunrise.

And this interrupted, short rest leaves you feeling worn out, exhausted, and foggy all day.

But you can put an end to bad sleep TODAY.

Because my colleague, Dr. Scott Olson, has discovered a Swiss secret that practically FORCES your body to sleep… in just 6 MINUTES FLAT!

And you can try it at ZERO RISK today.

It’s a specific form of CBD called Swiss CBD.

No, it’s not marijuana, and it won’t get you high (because it doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC).

But it might be the sleep solution you’ve been waiting for.

You see, CBD helps balance a key hormone in your body – called cortisol – that impacts your sleep.

And as you get older, your cortisol levels increase… and so do your sleep problems.

But CBD naturally brings your cortisol back into balance and keeps in LOW all night long.

That means you could finally FALL ASLEEP IN MINUTES… and STAY ASLEEP LONGER.

In one study, researchers studied 25 patients who had trouble falling asleep…and staying asleep. They got 25 mg of CBD before bed.

After just 90 DAYS, the participants reported IMPROVEMENTS in their ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, they reported a 29% improvement in their quality of sleep.


Fortunately, Dr. Scott Olson with Health Sense Nutritionals has formulated a revolutionary new sleep formula called CannaSleep+ that utilizes the safest, most absorbable form of CBD on the market.

This is a BIG deal since research shows that as much as 70% of what’s on shelves these days is FAKE.

But this Swiss CBD oil is the REAL DEAL. Plus it’s enhanced with a new technology that increases its absorption by 622%.

No wonder it’s so effective!

But for an even better formula, he added one more key ingredient: It’s a breakthrough called C-13.

And while CBD can help balance your daytime hormone (cortisol), C-13 focuses on your nighttime hormone… melatonin.

Melatonin the hormone that helps your body feel tired and relaxed. It tells your body when it’s time to fall asleep.

As you get older, your ability to produce melatonin drops a shocking 80%… but C-13 helps naturally boost your melatonin levels.

As a result, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that after taking just 1 mg of C-13 for ONE NIGHT, every single person in the study fell asleep in just 6 minutes on average!

In another study, it also increased the amount of time asleep, with people sleeping an average of 49 minutes longer.

CannaSleep+ has the ideal amount of both sleep-promoting nutrients. With its ingredients you’ll be able to:

  • Fall asleep faster (in as little as 6 minutes!)
  • Stay asleep longer (almost an extra hour!)
  • And sleep far better (a 29% improvement in sleep quality).

If you’ve been struggling with sleep, this is the sleep solution you’ve been waiting for.

And since I work closely with Dr. Olson, he’s agreed to let you try CannaSleep+ TODAY.

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