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Seasonal Berry DESTROYS Infections!

It’s a deadly threat that will kill thousands of seniors this year.

And many scientists agree that we are RUNNING OUT of treatment options.

You see, antibiotic resistant bacteria – called “superbugs”– are getting harder and harder to kill.

And the mainstream just keeps feeding the problem by over-prescribing these drugs for conditions they were never meant to treat.

But it looks like Mother Nature can fix what the mainstream has BROKEN.

Researchers have just proven that one of your favorite holiday foods can DESTROY these deadly bacteria before they turn into a life-threatening infection. 

And it’ll likely be on your table today!

I’m talking about the tiny cranberry.

That’s right, this holiday staple just might be the key to solving the drug-resistant bacteria crisis FOR GOOD.

That’s because cranberry can break up biofilms.

For bacteria to infect you, it must be able to stick to your organs. Once there, it creates a film and begins to rapidly populate.

But if you can DESTROY the film, you can stop the infection from growing.

And that’s just what cranberry does.

In a recent study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, researchers used a high-powered microscope to look at the effects of cranberry juice on E. coli, a dangerous strain of bacteria.

After exposing the bacteria to specific compounds in the cranberry juice called flavonols, the scientists were amazed…

The cranberry flavonols cut the bacteria’s sticking power to ZERO!

In other words, the cranberry was able to bust up the biofilm and stop the bacteria’s growth BEFORE they could turn into a deadly infection.

Scientists say this research could be the key to finding alternative treatments for bacterial infections and could even help reduce the occurrence of drug-resistant superbug infections.

Loading up on fresh or dried cranberries couldn’t be easier — they’re available just about everywhere this time of year!

Or you can also purchase cranberry supplements through natural health stores and online retailers like VitaCost. They’ll cost you about $11 for a four-month supply.