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Scientist Exposes MASSIVE Statins Fraud

Dear Reader,

Statins ought to come with a picture of Pinocchio on the bottle.

Because Big Pharma has been lying to us about these cholesterol meds since Day 1.

They tried to hide the side effects, like crippling muscle pain…

They even tried to claim statins could help cure cancer, even though there wasn’t a SHRED OF EVIDENCE.

But now a top scientist is exposing the biggest statins scam yet.

It’s one that could drain THOUSANDS of dollars from your pocket – and destroy your health in the process.

Dr. Esther vann Zuuren is a leading Dutch scientist – and she’s fed up.

She’s watched for years while Big Pharma tried to “pull the wool over our eyes” with statins.

Now, she’s leading an international research team that just exposed a lie that should end the billion-dollar statins industry for good.

They now have proof that statins are COMPLETE FAILURES at their primary purpose – helping people with heart disease live longer, healthier lives.

The researchers looked at decades worth of data on heart disease patients who were prescribed statins.

And after 5 YEARS of taking these pills every darned day, guess what happened?

Practically NOTHING.

The folks who took statins for 5 years… nearly 2,000 doses… lived an average of 4 extra days. Barely enough to be statistically significant.

Just think about that – you and your insurance company end up shelling out THOUSANDS of dollars for maybe… maybe… 96 extra hours of life.

And helping heart patients live longer was the main benefit statins were supposed to deliver! There were even some knuckleheads who wanted to put low-dose statins in our water supply!

What a SHAM… and a fraud.

Now, listen, I’m not knocking four extra days of life if you can get them. But, of course, you have to take the chance that statins won’t kill you first.

And even this international research team admits that’s NOT a risk worth taking.

Statins increase the risk of developing chronic and even deadly conditions like type 2 diabetes, pancreatitis, and liver failure.

The researchers determined that the risk of irreversible side effects due to statins is actually greater than the odds of any improvement.

That’s right – you’re more likely to be HARMED by statins than HELPED!

“Stopping statins may save more lives and improve quality of life in those taking them,” their report explains.

Amen to that.

If you or a loved one are taking statins, have a conversation with your doctor about whether they’re really necessary.

You can even print this article to show him.

Because this charade has gone on too long – and it’s time for it to stop.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health