How to Save THOUSANDS on Hearing Aids

Dear Reader,

Hearing loss affects more than your quality of life – it’s also a MAJOR hit to your wallet.

That’s because those penny-pinching bureaucrats at Medicare refuse to cover hearing aids for seniors.

The next thing you know, you’re on the hook for up to $4,000.

It’s outrageous, I know. Absolutely infuriating.

But before you shell out another dollar for hearing aids, there’s something you should know.

There are over-the-counter products that are just as effective – and they’re thousands of dollars cheaper.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found that a number of over-the-counter “personal sound amplification products” are just effective as pricey hearing aids.

This is a major revelation that could save a ton of grief for the 16 percent of Americans suffering from hearing issues.

So what the heck is a “personal sound amplification product?”

Well, you’ve probably seen them at places like Best Buy or WalMart. They fit in or around your ear, and are advertised as helping you hear the TV or conversations better.

The FDA won’t allow them to be labeled as hearing aids, because they haven’t gone through the regulatory process.

But, as the Johns Hopkins researchers learned, they work just as well.

Hopkins researchers recruited 42 patients from the university’s audiology clinic with mild to moderate hearing loss. The average age was 72.

The patients were placed in a sound booth where muffled speaking was played.

When they were wearing a $2,000 hearing aid, they could hear 88 percent of what was being said.

But while wearing various sound amplification devices – which ranged in price from $200-$350 – the patients reported 81 to 87 percent accuracy. (I’ll tell you exactly which devices were used in a moment…)

That’s a measly 1 percent difference!

Would you pay $1,800 extra to hear a mere 1 percent more? I know I wouldn’t.

Plus, many of these amplification devices even make use of Bluetooth technology – something that only the most expensive hearing aids have begun to incorporate.

Of course, these over-the-counter devices aren’t always as sleek and pretty as high-end hearing aids (although they’ve gotten MUCH better over the years).

But shelling out thousands of dollars for new hearing aids every few years isn’t pretty either…

If you want to try a personal sound amplification device, it’s a good idea to have an audiologist properly fit it.

Be sure to call around. Some audiologists are snobby and won’t help you because the devices aren’t technically hearing aids.

But many are willing to adjust a previously purchased product.

Note: The Hopkins study used these four amplification devices, which can all be found online: Sound World Solutions CS50+, Soundhawk, Etymotic Bean, and Tweak Focus.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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