coconut oil

“Rocket Fuel” ENDS Alzheimer’s

There’s nothing more terrifying than being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

It can take years, but you’ll eventually lose yourself – and everything you love – to the disease.

And mainstream medicine is NO HELP. They just push dangerous drugs that simply do not work.

But there’s some good news…

New research confirms that there’s an all-natural way to BOOST your brain health and END Alzheimer’s disease (AD) FOR GOOD.

Some researchers are even calling it “rocket fuel” for your brain.

And you can find it at your local grocery store today!

Brand new research out of Spain has discovered that coconut oil can improve cognitive function – even for Alzheimer’s patients.

For the study, the Spanish scientists split participants into two groups: one half received 40 mL of extra virgin coconut oil every day and the other half did not.

And – you guessed it – the folks who took coconut oil showed a significant improvement in cognitive function.

But this isn’t the first time a study has found coconut oil effective against Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.

Another double-blind study, conducted by the University of South Florida Health Byrd Alzheimer Institute from 2013 to 2016, found that coconut oil gives your brain a boost by producing something called ketones.

You see, one of the defining features of AD is a reduction in glucose metabolism in your brain.

Glucose is your brain’s primary source of fuel.  So, without it, the entire organ suffers.

But there is an alternative… a type of acid made in your liver called ketones.

Coconut oil boosts your store of ketones because it contains an incredible compound called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). In fact, coconut oil is 65 percent MCT!

And MCT is crucial to the production of ketones.

Not to mention MCT has been dubbed “rocket fuel” for your brain!

It’s a simple decision…

Coconut oil means more MCT and more MCT means more ketones which has been proven to boost cognitive function by stepping in when your glucose metabolism gets faulty.

So, if you want to REVERSE Alzheimer’s symptoms or STOP this devastating disease before it can take hold, coconut oil is your saving grace.

To get this incredible benefit, simply go to your nearest health food store and buy extra virgin coconut oil (unsweetened, of course) and take 40 mL a day.

Coconut oil is delicious on its own but makes a wonderful additive to a smoothie, yogurt, or tea, as well.