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heart attacks

REVERSE Heart Risk in 4 Weeks Flat!

It seems like every heart-health trick you hear about came straight from a torture manual.

Exhausting exercise routines…disgusting foods…and those awful statins that cause everything from muscle damage to diabetes.

Wouldn’t it be great if protecting your heart could be easy?

Well, now it can be.

A new study from the University of Cambridge in England discovered a trick that reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke in four weeks flat!

And the best part?

It’s absolutely delicious!

For years, we’ve all been lied to.

We’ve all been told that fats were bad for our hearts – or that they could actually kill us.

But that’s simply not true.  Not when it comes to eating the right kind of fats, like coconut oil.

In the study out of Cambridge, researchers split their 94 participants into three groups.  Each group was assigned to eat three tablespoons of butter, extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil every day for four weeks.

And once again, coconut oil proved it’s an absolute superfood.

The folks who ate coconut oil saw their HDL cholesterol levels rise by a whopping 15%!

Butter and olive oil (and EVERYBODY is talking about olive oil these days) didn’t come close to delivering these kinds of results.

HDL is the “good” cholesterol that protects you from heart attacks and strokes. The more you have, the better.  Coconut oil really can REVERSE your heart risk in just four weeks.

So if you haven’t tried this heart healthy and delicious food into your diet, now’s the time.

And it’s so easy to include!

In fact, you can use coconut oil as a replacement to butter in your meals or you can add a teaspoon to your morning cup of coffee.