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RESTORE Your Joints While You SLEEP?!

Just imagine… 

Enjoying a deep sleep, every night and waking up to “good as new” joints, every morning. 

If you’re like most seniors, this sounds like nothing more than a fantasy. 

But thanks to my colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals, this kind of relief could be your REALITY. 

You see, they’ve developed a BREAKTHROUGH that IMPROVES your sleep quality… and RESTORES your overworked joints while you slumber. 

And you can try it today with ZERO RISK 

This GROUNDBREAKING new formula, developed by Dr. Spreen at NorthStar Nutritionals, finally addresses two of the most taxing signs of aging: poor sleep and achy joints.  

It’s called LunaFlex PM and it addresses both of these articles thanks to the ideal dose of three powerful ingredients… 

First, it contains 1.8mg of Valerenic Acid – aka VENA.  

VENA is proven to activate your GABA receptors which helps “switch off” your brain so you can relax and sleep soundly.  

Next, there are 40mg of UC-II Undenatured Collagen to help restore your collagen levels.  

UC-II Collagen not only improves joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility but it clears out old cartilage and helps restore your joints.  

In fact, it has been proven to give you up to 240 percent more relief than other joint relief supplements.  

And, finally, LunaFlex PM contains Alpha Oil from the Humulus lupulus plant found only in Albania. 

You see, Alpha Oil regulates your COX-2 enzyme production which helps support a healthy inflammatory response. 

In one study, Alpha Oil reduced overall joint discomfort in by a staggering 45 percent! 

Together, these three components fight sleep issues and joint pain… 

As we get older, our cartilage wears thin naturally. 

But the discomfort only worsens as we sleep less and our bodies produce less of the hormone, somatotropin, which could help grow fresh cartilage , as well. 

LunaFlex PM addresses both of these problems!  

VENA starts things off by gently lulling you a deep sleep during which your brain releases the chemical somatotropin which could naturally boost the comfort  in your joints.  

And while the somatotropin gets to work, UC-II Collagen and Alpha Oil work as powerful allies, transforming your tired, worn out, overworked joints. 

Already, over 18,683 people have tried LunaFlex PM and the rave reviews keep rolling in… 

“It works! I feel amazing!” 

“I noticed a difference the very next day.” 

“The biggest difference I notice is getting up in the morning after a long day of yardwork… I have no joint pain whatsoever!” 

Even better? NorthStar Nutritionals has agreed to let Advanced Health Daily readers try LunaFlex PM at NO RISK – and with BIG savings.  

But you have to act now.  

To try LunaFlex PM… and to start your path toward overnight relief… just click here now. 

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