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“Reset” Your Heart Health to 25 Years Old?!

There’s a good reason why we’re losing the war on heart issues… we’re treating it all wrong.

Yes, high blood pressure is bad.

Yes, high cholesterol is bad.

And targeting factors like salty and fatty foods may never give you the results you want.

But there is something that could.

You see, my colleague Dr. Glen Rothfeld has discovered that we’ve been looking at optimal heart health completely wrong.

And he’s created a groundbreaking new formula that can help RESET your heart health’s “age” to that of a healthy 25-year-old.

It’s like getting a second chance at perfect heart health

And today you can try it with absolutely NO RISK.

Your blood pressure concerns all come down to a single chemical in your body. And rebalancing it is the key to perfect blood pressure

Endothelin-1 is a part of your blood flow balancing system. When it gets released into your bloodstream, it could narrow your veins and arteries.

You want some endothelin-1 to keep your BP balanced. But normal factors like stress and aging cause it to change.

Bottom line: If you want perfect blood pressure and blood flow, you have to balance your endothelin-1 levels. Doing so could cause your blood pressure to improve almost automatically.

So how do we do that? Glad you asked… because there’s a little-known super-nutrient called Aronox that targets this blood flow balancer.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, some participants received a placebo while the lucky group received Aronox. The placebo group saw practically no change, but the Aronox group started to see improved blood flow in just TWO HOURS!

Other studies on folks taking Aronox achieved dramatic results…

  • 13% improvement in triglycerides
  • They achieved near-perfect blood pressure
  • 11% improvement in LDL-C cholesterol
  • 26% improvement in aged cholesterol

How did Aronox achieve such dramatic results on your heart and blood vessels?

First, it actually improved endothelin-1 by 28% in just 60 days. That means wider blood vessels, stronger blood flow, and a much younger-functioning heart.

In fact, it can help reset your heart health’s age to that of a healthy 25-year-old.

Second, an in vitro study showed that it actually rewires your genetics for a healthier heart. Specifically, it commands the body to slurp “bad” cholesterol straight out of your blood vessels.

So what exactly IS Aronox? It’s a super-concentrated form of the #1 antioxidant-containing berry, the aronia berry.

And I’ve found a brand-new formula that utilizes the exact quality and quantity of Aronox so that you can get all of the benefits found in impressive studies.

It’s called Vasinox.

For even better results, Vasinox has a second ingredient called 3nB, which is a concentrated form of a celery extract.

3nB balances out the chemical signal involving calcium in your blood. And having more calcium in your blood can narrow your arteries.

3nB helps keep your arteries wide and healthy so your blood can keep flowing in a healthy way. And because it works in a different way than Aronox, the two extracts actually complement one another.

Finally, the addition of vitamin K2 and D3 help to keep calcium OUT of your arteries and INTO your bones… leading to a healthier heart and strong bones.

In all of my experience, this is the best clinical-quality solution I’ve ever seen for a senior who wants a younger heart.

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