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BLAST Away Fat with This “Time in a Bottle” Trick

Don’t you wish you could harness the magic of time?

Maybe you’d fast-forward to the future to visit a brave new sci-fi world…

Or maybe you’d go to the past and have dinner with Abraham Lincoln or George Washington.

Well believe it or not… it might be possible.

Now I’m not talking about time travel…

But this “time in a bottle” trick COULD be just as magical.

I’m talking about using the hours in the day… to achieve near-miraculous weight loss.

After all, who doesn’t have a few pounds to lose?

And whether you have just a few or more than you’d like to admit…

NOW is the time to MAKE time work for you.

I know it sounds a little strange.

After all, how can TIME cause weight loss?

Let me explain.

You see, each one of us has a special clock inside of us. It’s called your “body clock” and it runs on something called your circadian rhythm.

Your circadian rhythm tells you when to go to sleep and when to wake up.

But what does this have to do with weight loss?

Circadian rhythm controls the production of two hormones, serotonin and melatonin.

You might have heard of these before. Serotonin is one of the chemicals that can boost your mood. It’s fueled by sunlight and is what keeps you happy and active in the daytime.

Melatonin is what helps you drift off to a peaceful sleep at night. It’s boosted when the sun goes down.

And balancing these two hormones is KEY to maintaining healthy weight.

If you notice you’ve been carrying a little more weight than you’d like the last few years, this very well could be the culprit.

But there’s good news… you can REBALANCE your circadian rhythm.

Think of it as a grandfather clock that’s stopped ticking… you just need to “wind it up”!

Thankfully, my colleague Dr. Allan Inglis has created a formula that could do just that.

First, he started with a study that focused on raising your serotonin levels.

And the main ingredient they used is called Cissus Quadrangularis, or CQ.

CQ comes from a cactus-like medicinal plant that grows in tropical areas of India—where it’s been in use for thousands of years.

And it goes to work raising serotonin levels… which can help the pounds MELT away.

In fact, in the study I just mentioned, raising serotonin levels caused one group to lose 15 POUNDS in just one month!

But that’s not all.

Dr. Inglis decided to also harness the power of a second ingredient: melatonin.

In a second, smaller study, getting a full night’s sleep helped overweight women, burn over 3 pounds of fat while those that slept less only burned about 1 pound of fat.

All they had to do was cut back just 10% of their calories… and take melatonin.

So not only can you get a good night’s sleep, you can BURN fat while you do it!

And now you can get a hold of ALL of this power with the “time in a bottle” trick.

It’s called CircaSlim, and you can try it right here, RISK FREE.

Imagine, losing the weight that’s been CLINGING to you and pulling you down.

Instead, you can seize the day and make time work FOR you… after all, it might FEEL like you traveled back in time when you look in the mirror!

So if you want to harness the fat-burning power of CircaSlim and SLEEP AWAY the pounds… if you want to get time on your side to become an hourglass instead of a pear, CLICK HERE.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White

Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health


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