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“Poor Man’s” Root COMBATS Liver Disease

For decades, mainstream doctors have told us that living a long, healthy life is just a matter of protecting your heart and your brain. 

But it’s not that simple 

Not since liver disease has become an American epidemic.  

More than 40 percent of U.S. adults are living with potentially deadly liver damage today.  

But you don’t have to be one of them… 

Fascinating new research reveals that a certain “poor man’s” root helps you COMBAT liver disease.  

The only problem? There’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of this stuff. 

New research, from Shuguang Hospital in China, reveals that a powerful nutrient found in poor man’s ginseng (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) FIGHTS and REVERSES fibrosis of the liver.  

For the study, mice were induced with a type of liver disease called liver fibrosis over a two-week period. 

They were then treated with poor man’s ginseng for three weeks. 

After that time, researchers found that this incredible compound REVERSED some of the damage caused by the disease.    

That’s right… in JUST THREE WEEKS! 

You see, fibrosis occurs when scar tissue forms around your liver due to chronic distress. 

Your liver is attempting to repair and replace damaged cells but, instead, it puts you at risk for cirrhosis, jaundice, chronic fatigue, nausea, fluid retention, and cognitive impairment. 

But with the help of poor man’s ginseng, that scar tissue began to repair itself and soften.  

Plus, it fought off cells – called alpha-SMA, Sox9, alpha-SMA, TGF-B1, and WB-F344 – that contribute to fibrosis. 

By inhibiting the signaling of these distress cells, poor man’s ginseng was able to effectively ward off and prevent liver fibrosis in JUST THREE WEEKS! 

And poor man’s ginseng is incredibly easy to get your hands on. 

Just visit your local health food store or order online as either a supplement or a powder, perfect for smoothies.