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Big Pharma’s “Pearly White” SECRET Revealed

Dear Reader,

We’re all staying at home to protect ourselves. But sooner or later we’ll be back to our normal routines.

And one of the most important parts of your health routine is going to the dentist.

If you don’t already know, tooth and gum health has been linked to all kinds of health conditions like diabetes, even heart attack and stroke.

So if you find your oral health needing more than just a routine cleaning, listen up.

Because if you’re looking down the barrel of a root canal or having a tooth pulled, there’s a surprising part of your procedure you need to know about.

Opioid abuse is one of the saddest tragedies of our time. And the saddest part is how easy it is to avoid it in the first place.

Mainstream docs hand them out like candy… and now that includes dentists.

If you’re dealing with a painful procedure, chances are your dentist will offer you a prescription for pain pills.

But DON’T fill that scrip just yet…

A new study shows that you might not really need it after all.

In a new study of 325 dental patientshalf on prescription pain-killers, the other half not— researchers found that not only were opioid-takers NOT happy with their treatment…

They didn’t feel any more pain relief than those who WEREN’T taking opioids… even six months later!

In fact, half of the patients in the prescription group were so unhappy with the pills, they didn’t even finish the bottle.

What’s even more interesting, another study showed that pain prescriptions don’t even give more relief than over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen… (even though those have their own dangers as well!).

So why do docs keep prescribing them?

Two words: Big Pharma.

As long as they can make a profit, they’ll keep pushing their drugs… no matter HOW useless, HOW dangerous, and HOW expensive.

But it’s time to KICK Big Pharma out of the dentist’s office… because there are PLENTY of natural solutions for pain relief instead.

One of these is a clove. This delicious spice that smells like Christmas can help reduce your pain. In fact, one study recommends rubbing clove oil directly on your gum to reduce pain. You can find a quality clove supplement here.

For extra relief, try a daily curcumin supplement. Curcumin has been shown time and again to eliminate inflammation, which will not only relieve your pain, but help you avoid disease as well. You can find curcumin online at or

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White,

Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health