New Phone Scam Targeting Seniors

Don’t let criminals trick you. Find out how to keep yourself, and your wallet, safe.

Massive Cover-Up Could Give You Cancer

When will it end?! Protect yourself and your loved ones now.

The 30-Second Dementia Test (And You Can Do it at Home)

This simple series of tests could detect dementia earlier than any expensive MRI ever could.

Allergy Med Could Steal Your Sanity!

“May cause serious side effects” is the understatement of the year.

Big Pharma Has a New Parkinson’s Scam

As if Parkinson’s disease isn’t devastating enough…

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This New Drug Rule Could End Up Killing You

Are your prescriptions even approved to treat what they’re meant to?!

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Deadly Warning for Blood Thinner Patients

These incredibly common meds could be putting your life in grave danger.

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Cancer Drug INCREASING Death Rates By 50%

Don’t let anyone talk you into taking this cancer drug!

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Don’t Fall for This BARBARIC Breast Surgery

Breast cancer is devastating enough without enduring unnecessary and debilitating surgeries.

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Can This Simple Blood Test Stop M.S.?

This simple blood test may slash your risk of M.S. in half!

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[Warning] This Diabetes Drug Causes CANCER

This diabetes drug causes CANCER and Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about it.

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Alert! Popular Candles Are POISONING Your Home

Popular candles are POISONING your home and they’re filled with cancer-causing toxins.

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[Alert] Popular Mood Pills May Be KILLING You?!

If you’re taking antidepressants, you’ll want to read this before popping your next pill.

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Docs Being PAID to Prescribe Killer Drug

Docs being PAID to prescribe killer drug and it’s 100 times stronger than morphine…

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UGLY Food Stops Colon Cancer

This UGLY food can stop colon cancer and it tastes way better than it looks!

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Government Forcing “Fat Pill” on U.S. Citizens

It’s so dangerous that it’s been banned all over the world.

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Don’t Fall for This Heartburn Scam

Instead of falling for this heartburn scam, try a change in diet – proven to be far more effective and without the side effects!

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Disgusting! Feds REFUSING Care to Sick Veterans

When the VA isn’t doing its job, it’s up to us to look out our veterans.

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Could a Stroke Actually SAVE YOUR LIFE?!

A new study shows that this horrific event could be a hint at an even deadlier disease.

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Common Medical Tests Are Destroying Your Heart

They can make you a sitting duck for major heart problems.

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