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The Nominee for FDA Commissioner Is Deep In Big Pharma’s Pocket

If you thought the FDA and Big Pharma couldn’t possibly be any more insidious, think again. The new nominee for FDA commissioner is far too close for comfort.

[COVID-19] Promising Formula Discovered?

Dear Reader, When coronavirus was first discovered, scientists immediately began working around the clock to figure out what it was and what it could do to our health. They also began to search for a cure. While there’s no cure or vaccine in sight yet, these scientists are making new discoveries every day about how...

[ALERT] Common Med Causes Adrenal Glands FAILURE?!

Dear Reader, When it comes to managing pain, it can feel like a war that you’re quickly losing. And the mainstream solutions your doc puts you on just add to your woes — they pile on the side effects. Because the truth is, Big Pharma fat cats DON’T care if their meds actually work as...

SUPERCHARGE Your Immune System with This Dynamic Duo

Dear Reader, When it comes to boosting your immune system, every little bit counts. What you eat, how much you exercise, and even how much you sleep can all have an effect on how your body protects you from illness. It can feel like a lot to maintain… but now, it doesn’t have to be....

[ALERT] Dementia Sign Hidden in Plain Sight?!

Dear Reader, When it comes to dementia, there are few crueler parts of aging. Losing precious memories… not being able to take care of yourself… possibly losing your home and independence are all downright unfair. But this doesn’t have to be your story. You can enjoy long and HAPPY golden years… it just takes knowing...

Exposed! The Mainstream’s Million-Dollar Bribery Scheme

Is your doctor one of the many that are accepting under-the-table incentives to send you to specialists as frequently as possible?!

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[WARNING] This Routine Exam Could Kill You

Millions of people receive colonoscopies every year. But this “routine” procedure is far more dangerous than we’ve ever been told. And doctors are getting paid to put us in harms way!

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Cover-Up! CDC Hiding 250,000 Deaths

We tell ourselves, “That’s can’t happen to me!” But the truth is, medical errors are killing more people than we’ve ever been told.

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The Truth About Soy: It Could Save Your Life

Big Pharma wants you to believe that soy is a threat to your health. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, soy could be a matter of life and death for breast cancer patients.

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[Warning] Is YOUR Doctor on Big Pharma’s Payroll

Is your doctor one of the thousands taking bribes from Big Pharma to write excessive prescriptions? Find out now.

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FDA Declares War on Alternative Pain Treatment

Cryotherapy is the future of pain management and could even change the way we age. It’s so powerful – and natural – that the FDA is doing all it can to keep it from us.

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[Warning] “Routine” Heart Procedure Could Kill You

Despite what we’ve been told, heart stents are not saving lives. Stents are actually dramatically over-prescribed and are actually putting us at risk for major complications.

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Mainstream Pain Pills Proven WORTHLESS

If you’re taking handfuls of pain meds every day to ease the aching, you might be better off taking nothing at all!

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Exposed! Big Pharma Launches Shady Propaganda Campaign

Instead of making actual changes, Big Pharma is spending millions on a PR campaign hoping to convince us that their sky-high prices and tax evasion are for the greater good.

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Government Caught Hiding Hospital Deaths

Did the CDC and a major hospital hide information about a rash of mold-related deaths? Here are the facts on this six-month cover-up that led to more deaths.

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[Warning] New Hospital Rule Could Kill You

The mainstream wants you to trust your life to doctors who may not have slept in days. Get the details on their crazy proposal, and how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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