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Shame! Troops Infected With FILTHY Medical Equipment

In doctor’s offices all over the country, contaminated medical equipment is putting patients’ lives at risk. It’s time we wised up.

How to Save THOUSANDS on Hearing Aids

Use this trick for better hearing before the government takes it away.

Discovered! Miracle Oil Stops Alzheimer’s

You have to get the exact right kind of oil to stop Alzheimer's.

[Warning] This Pill DESTROYS Your Sex Life

Prostate problems are a lousy reality of aging… but this drug will make matters even worse.

Monsanto Unleashes TERRIFYING New Food Poison

Even more dangerous than RoundUp?

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FDA Admits MAJOR Drug Screw-Up

The FDA just released its quarterly watch list… and safety concerns have been raised about more than a dozen drugs in just three months!

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Disgusting! Government BANNING Leukemia Cure

Rather than admit years of wasted efforts against cannabis, the DEA is refusing to acknowledge the incredible medical possibilities of cannabinoids.

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URGENT Aspirin Warning For Seniors

Yet another study proves that daily aspirin use not only doesn’t prevent heart attack but it can actually kill you! And the risks are even worse the older we get.

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Chinese Breakthrough REVERSES Dementia!

Dementia is the disease that most seniors fear the most.

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Exposed! $173 Million Zika SCAM!

Instead of finding a way to get this vaccine to the American people in an affordable way, our government is just handing it over to Big Pharma. And they say they’re not in cahoots…

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Heart Drugs Hiding DEADLY New Risk

They’re the most commonly prescribed heart drug but the side effects are deadly. Don’t let beta-blockers destroy your health.

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[Alert] “Health Drink” Gives You Parkinson’s?!?

The body doesn’t need dairy. Plain and simple. But what if our health actually depends on avoiding milk, altogether?!

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Act Fast! POISION Found in Baby Food!

The FDA refuses to protect our grandchildren from lead poisoning, so it’s up to us to keep dangerous foods away from our babies.

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Back Pain SCAM Alert!

Big Pharma wants us spending money on their drugs – even if what we’re paying for is completely useless. If you have arthritis, don’t buy into this dangerous pain treatment.

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What Grade Did YOUR Grocery Store Get? (SHOCKING!)

Top supermarkets are keeping us in the dark on risky meat.

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Breakthrough SLASHES Artery Plaque 30%

Look no further than your own kitchen cabinets for this remarkable new discovery that’s been right in front of our eyes, all along.

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Fast Food Giant DRUGGING Our Food!

What you’ve heard about McDonald’s “antibiotic ban” is 100% false. Your health is at risk.

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The Most Dangerous Arthritis Med on the Market?!?

More Than 1,000 Have Died and Still… No Warning From the FDA

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[Warning] Blood Pressure Patients Are Overdosing on Meds?!?

If you’re taking a blood pressure medications, there’s a good chance you’re being overdosed… by your own doctor.

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The DEADLIEST Drug Scam Ever?!?

This genius doctor isn’t afraid of Big Pharma. And he’s calling them out on falsified clinical results.

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