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20-Minute Secret RESTORES Your Memory

People will try all sorts of gimmicks to boost their brain function. From doing crosswords every day to learning a new language. But you don’t have to spend years learning Italian to keep your brain young. In fact, you could get a HUGE boost to your cognition and your memory in just 20 minutes. I’ll...

[COVID-19] Promising Formula Discovered?

Dear Reader, When coronavirus was first discovered, scientists immediately began working around the clock to figure out what it was and what it could do to our health. They also began to search for a cure. While there’s no cure or vaccine in sight yet, these scientists are making new discoveries every day about how...

[ALERT] Common Med Causes Adrenal Glands FAILURE?!

Dear Reader, When it comes to managing pain, it can feel like a war that you’re quickly losing. And the mainstream solutions your doc puts you on just add to your woes — they pile on the side effects. Because the truth is, Big Pharma fat cats DON’T care if their meds actually work as...

SUPERCHARGE Your Immune System with This Dynamic Duo

Dear Reader, When it comes to boosting your immune system, every little bit counts. What you eat, how much you exercise, and even how much you sleep can all have an effect on how your body protects you from illness. It can feel like a lot to maintain… but now, it doesn’t have to be....

[ALERT] Dementia Sign Hidden in Plain Sight?!

Dear Reader, When it comes to dementia, there are few crueler parts of aging. Losing precious memories… not being able to take care of yourself… possibly losing your home and independence are all downright unfair. But this doesn’t have to be your story. You can enjoy long and HAPPY golden years… it just takes knowing...

Ancient Drink STOPS Heart Attacks

When it comes to lowering your risk of heart attack, your mainstream doc will just parrot the same old advice. Take statins… exercise constantly… and give up all of your favorite foods and drinks. But what if I told you there was a better – and more enjoyable – way to STOP heat attacks. And...

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The ONLY Way to Survive Cancer (AMAZING!)

It goes without saying that you want to prevent cancer to begin with. But if you’re ever told “You have cancer”, your focus changes from how to avoid it… to how to survive it. While survival rates vary with each cancer (and with how early you catch it), there are definitely some steps you can...

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This Drink Ups Your Arthritis Risk 164% (SHOCKING!)

You’ve probably been told that rheumatoid arthritis is incurable. And that’s not too far from the truth. Sure, the mainstream will have you taking risky drugs for the rest of your life to stay on top of the pain and joint degeneration that go along with the condition. So, your best bet is to NEVER...

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“Safe” Drugs CAUSING Colon Cancer?!

I have good news and bad news when it comes to colon cancer. The good news is that this disease is killing fewer people these days. The bad news is that it’s still the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both men and women. And we still have a long way to go when...

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[Alert] Your Food is COVERED In Poison

When I was growing up, hardly anyone had a gluten sensitivity. Folks just ate as much wheat as they wanted. Today, words like gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are being tossed out like the new “disease du jour.” And it turns out there’s a sinister reason for this modern ailment. You see, gluten ISN’T the...

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Miracle Mineral DOWNS Blood Pressure (No Drugs!)

Blood pressure drugs are big business. About 1 in 3 Americans has high blood pressure according to the latest guidelines… and an additional 1 in 3 is close to having the disease. That’s over 100 million people who pay into the system for a condition that you DON’T need drugs to fix. Fortunately, there’s a...

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6 Minute Secret FORCES Your Body to Sleep?!

If you’re like most seniors, you’ve probably had your share of restless nights. Or worse, maybe you can fall asleep… but wake up in the wee hours… only to toss and turn until sunrise. And this interrupted, short rest leaves you feeling worn out, exhausted, and foggy all day. But you can put an end...

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Want to Live Longer? Make this ONE Change

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no magic bullet when it comes to living longer and beating disease. The good news is that you can make one simple lifestyle change—starting today—that will help you LIVE LONGER and BEAT DISEASE. It’s not fancy, and it’s not found in...

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Exposed! 70-Year-Old Migraine Cure Cover-Up

For years, the mainstream has told you there’s NO cure for migraines. You’ve been told that you have to take Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs and cross your fingers that they make the pain go away. You’ve been told it’s up to YOU to avoid the triggers for your headaches. But you’ve been LIED to. There...

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Wonder Nutrient ERASES Silent Parkinson’s Symptoms

When you think of Parkinson’s, it’s typically the physical symptoms that come to mind.   The endless tremors… mobility problems… and inability to speak that are most recognizable.   But not many people know that Parkinson’s has some not-so-obvious symptoms as well like depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and an increased risk of falling.  Pharmaceutical companies haven’t concocted a pill specifically...

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THESE Drugs Ups Heart Disease Risk 41%

This is a BAD week for prescription drugs.  Studies keep pouring in showing just how dangerous they really are.   Just a few days ago, I told you about a study proving that anticholinergic drugs (like Benadryl) send your dementia risk through the roof.  Today, another recent study shows that one of the most popular drugs used by seniors can actually increase the risk...

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ATTENTION SENIORS: THESE Drugs Increase Dementia Risk 50%

When it comes to pharmaceutical drugs, there’s always a catch.  The industry doesn’t have your best interests in mind—a fact that becomes more obvious every day as side effects soar right along with their bottom line… and as investigators uncover evidence of shady and unethical sales tactics (like I told you about earlier in the week).  And now, a study...

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[Alert] Big Pharma PUSHING Dangerous Drug to Seniors!

An investigation has found that Big Pharma used unethical practices to push some of their most popular new drugs.

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itchy skin

Itchy Skin? You MUST Read This (SHOCKING!)

Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are actually a sign of a problem with your liver. Taking a supplement like milk thistle can help detoxify the liver and improve skin conditions.

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mark on skin

STOP Skin Cancer… WITHOUT Sunscreen?

People who consume the most vitamin A have a 17% lower risk of developing skin cancer.

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